Sunday, February 3, 2013

New Jersey Post Storm Damaged Vehicles Online

If your in the market for a car you might want to check out New Jersey's Division Of Consumer Affairs database. It list some 13,000 vehicles that received storm related damage from hurricane 'Sandy'.

Good job New Jersey. Let's hope other states follow New Jersey's example

While it's not illegal to resell vehicles that were damaged by flood, a buyer is supposed to be legally notified by a dealer that it was. If the car was rendered a a total loss, it has far greater restrictions as to what can be done with it. The site provides more information. It also is a good resource for verifying whether a reseller is being upfront.

The list doesn't include vehicles from other states affected by 'Sandy' nor those issued in New Jersey before October 30, 2012. These are only the vehicles in N. J. that have been issued salvaged or flood titles since October 30th.

Caution, not all owners have chosen this route and may attempt to sell them privately through a newspaper or some online site. Buyer Beware.

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