Monday, February 11, 2013

Lehigh Valley Transit Trolleys

A number of our best'est and bright'est minds around are pushing for a "light rail" transit system. This may seem like some sort of new fangled cutting edge hotsy totsy technological idea for those still wet behind the ears. Great minds espouse the idea because it would be "green". These rail cars would be powered by today's new hybrid engines or electrical energy technology.

LMAO-- What's old is new again.

For us folks who grew up in Allentown it just makes us laugh our fannies off. BEEN THERE. DONE THAT!

The Liberty Bell Limited
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Today's youth bemoan that their elders were naive and careless regarding our environment, but even we get 'some' things right! Trains and trolleys were just two more examples of that.

Here's the kicker.. The Lehigh Valley Transit didn't cost taxpayers 1 billion dollar$ to construct. LVT sold shares and was a commercial enterprise.

When you proponents for "light rail" can show me a transit system that will be as extensive as this was and won't cost taxpayers one red cent, then, and only then, will you get my support.

Here's a word of caution. If this system was in place and went out of business because of the lack of ridership decades ago, please explain to me..

** how with dozens of x's the new number of highways and streets added since then...

** All the new suburban housing developments that are no longer center around our urban cores...

** With a generation you would have to pry their steering wheels out of their cold dead hands...

... how do you expect these to return?
The fact is, the only way these could make a comeback is by spending billion$ of government funded taxpayers monies. While I'm crazy hot for the idea of the old trolleys (light rail) as much as anyone, circumstances have changed.

I'm told constantly it ain't 1950 anymore. You know what? They are right.

We once lived and worked in high density towns and cities within a few miles of our homes. All that has changed. Once upon a time these trolleys were not only possible, but profitable as well.

If there is an actual public clamor and a need for these, then let someone start up a transit company and sell public shares of stock ownership. Otherwise grab and chair, sit back and enjoy the nostalgia.

"Light Rail Service"-- Rotsa' ruck', it ain't gonna happen!

Rockhill Trolley Museum
RockHill Furnance, Pa.
(next door to the narrow-gauge East Broad Top steam railroad)

Where's Rockhill Furnance, Pa.?
Use Google Maps-
(Orbisonia, Pa- 170 Miles from Allentown)

Follow Rt 22 to Mt. Union
Follow Rt 522 south 12 miles to Orbisonia
Turn right at the traffic light
Turn left at the railroad tracks

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