Friday, February 15, 2013

I've Become Another Suckered Consumer

Reposted From: December 1, 2010

Folks who visit this blog know how strongly I feel about exporting our jobs when they are so desperately needed right here in the United States.

In the spirit of strongly standing by my convictions I was surprised to read this from a certain website I visited..

"Please do not confuse us, or our genuine uggs with the American Ugg brand, which is made in China and owned by Deckers Outdoor Company. We are not affiliated, nor do we sell their products.

Every pair of our real uggs, whether it be our classic uggs, tall ugg boots or short ugg boots is guaranteed for quality and durability, due to the following reasons:
1. We personally hand choose only the softest, best quality skins straight from the tannery for our genuine ugg boots.
2. These skins are sent to Australia's best and largest manufacturers, specialising in just traditional uggboots and slippers.

Uggs R Us - quality and affordability in uggs, Australia
It is our aim to make owning a pair of real ugg boots a possibility for everyone. Our direct hands on involvement and quantities that we purchase result in "unbeatable prices"! It's going to be a harsh long winter, save on energy heating costs and buy some cheap ugg boots TODAY!

•Heel and Toe Reinforcements
•Genuine Natural Materials Used
•Removable Innersoles
•Australian Made

•Reinforced Stitching
•TRP Thread and EVA soles
Sounds good to me!

I already knew the uugs (boots) aren't made here in the United States, but the quality is great and both the step-daughter and granddaughter wanted a pair.

Even though it set me back about $30 more each pair to buy them from Australia at least China wasn't going to get even more business. At least from me.

Now today I get this order tracking in my email. When I went to the USPS to check it out, it said."Label/Receipt Number: EE22 **** *** **
Class: Express Mail International®
Status: Foreign International Dispatch

Your item left SHANGHAI EMS, CHINA PEOPLES REP on November 30, 2010. Information, if available, is updated periodically throughout the day. Please check again later.

Detailed Results:
Foreign International Dispatch, November 30, 2010, 11:16 pm, SHANGHAI EMS, CHINA PEOPLES REP
Origin Post is Preparing Shipment
Foreign Acceptance, November 30, 2010, 3:14 pm
So I suppose Australia is now getting in on the act too.. displacing their own workers just like we!

Let me take a little stock here. So far..We bought an $70 "Cuisinart" Ice Cream maker for the daughter-In-Law for Christmas. When it came I looked on the bottom-- MADE IN CHINA!

Bought the daughter a pair of boots from an American firm-- MADE IN CHINA!

Folks the whole world is selling out their workers and you wonder why almost in every nation we have financial problems!

As if that weren't enough according to the Washington Times China is said to hold nearly half of all our foreign debt. About $1 trillion in U.S. Treasury notes. Possibly buying an additional $.7 trillion more of U.S. dollars from foreign owners who previously held them.

Make no mistake about it.. more nations were taken down and collapsed due to insolvency then war. Foreign policies are leveraged by those who have us over the barrel. Take the recent North Koran situation. Why should China jump in to help us? Why not let America weaken herself by draining even more of her resources in this dispute?

I mean after all we are already looking at going over an estimated $14 trillion in debt by the end of the year.

Let's face it when China controls about 50% of all of our Public debt, they certainly are a threat to our way of life.

Yet here we are.. importing more and more and not just here in United States.

Anyone familer with Maersk Line's E-Series, the 11,000 Twenty Foot Equivalant Units- Emma Maersk?

You should be !

Even though this ship is owned by a business conglomerate, Maersk (A.P. Moller - Maersk Group) based in Copenhagen, Denmark .. this ship's route (with as few as 13 crew members) takes it on a round trip course from Ningbo (China), Xiamen (China), Hong Kong (westbound), Yantian (China- westbound).

All Chinese ports where it loads up with 11,000+ cargo containers of Chinese made goods before it heads off to Algeciras (Spain- westbound), Rotterdam (Holland), Bremerhaven (Germany).

Then on it's return trip it only stops off at one port after leaving Germany, Algeciras (Spain) before heading back to China's ports of Yantian, Hong Kong and Ningbo.

Anyone else see a trade imbalance here?

Oh it also has seven sister ships which also are the longest container ships ever constructed.

The Emma Maersk comes with a bonus. It's 109,000 Horse power engines burn 1,600 gallons of high sulphur fuel (2.5%-4.5%) every hour! By the way that 2.5%-4.5% sulphur amount is over 2,000x's more than allowed in our automotive fuel.

All put together between losing jobs globally, pollution and me being forced to be indebted (as a taxpayer) to China as our nation steadily loses ground just turns my stomach.

You wonder why the stimulus wasn't more successful?

Because we wound up spending most of this on foreign goods. China sends us U.S. her thanks.. suckers!

According to an article in the Huffington Post, "Buy American -- If you Can"--"There are 5 billion cell phones in the world, and we don't make any of them. We don't make any laptops. Nor flat-screen TVs."

As of 2008 we spent about $73 apiece every month on Chinese imported goods for every man, woman and child living in America!

It appears as a consumer both you and I are nearly helpless and I nor you can do one damn thing about it.

Written and performed by the Jesse Goldberg

When I researched for this post I saw a number of websites that claim to sell only American goods on them. Good luck with that. I hope it works out better then the boots I got snookered on.

I also discovered even though clothing, furniture and drapery manufactures that make their goods here, in many cases, have to import the fabrics.

Written and performed by the Capitol Steps


  1. if you can hang on for another 50 years, we will be the third world, and china will do their manufacturing here


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