Friday, February 8, 2013

Ironton Rail Trail (Coplay, Pa.)

"On 7/11/2010 a completely restored Lehigh Valley RR cement block phone booth was dedicated on the Ironton Rail Trail in Coplay, Pa.

The structure was orig. located along the LVRR between Coplay & Cementon Pa at Mp 99.6. The booth is even complete with a repro of the orig. phone.

The ceremony was led by Mike Bednar, a former LVRR employee, reitried railroader, and book author."

(video courtesy jimbo2317)

We frequently bike ride on this former Ironton RR railbed in Whitehall, Pa.

Click Here for a map for the IRT

The best place to park-- Go North on McArthur Road (Rt 145) to Chestnut Street. Make a right (by the gas station). Pavilion and parking is a few blocks up and on your right.

Oct. 11, 2008

Note what is said in the following video. This trail will always be available if it needs to be converted back to rail use. Think of these not as conversions but rather these projects are preservations for both now and their possible reuse in the future.

I've been down the road on this debate before, but I'm quite convinced Rails-To-Trails is the best thing that can happen to these former railbeds. When they are rehabilitated they are being used for recreation that otherwise would not be seen nor enjoyed by anyone. If we let these railbeds deteriorate it would be extremely beyond all reasonable costs to repair these for rail use once again. This being due to erosion, overgrowth and private homeowner intrusion onto these right-of-ways still owned by various railroads.

Such be the case with the IRT being lovingly restored by those who either worked on the Ironton RR or in remembrance by those who appreciate and wish to maintain it's local history. Otherwise this trail would be nothing more then a bunch of backyards and erosive forgotten dirt and weeds.

There are 12 other videos "jimbo2317" (James) posted- Search "IRT"

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