Saturday, February 16, 2013

Ironton Rail To Trails (Whitehall, Pa.)

The IRT Commission is to be congratulated for the excellent condition it is today.

When we last rode I ran into a couple of old work buddies from before I retired. We jawed about how much nicer to spend a morning outside on the trail then the rest of the suckers, who still choose to continue working.

If you have never been on these "Rails to Trails", take a walk or ride one day. It's a great way to relax and get a bit of exercise while you take in some great views all at the same time. We usually pack a light lunch.

I really appreciate the money and effort that were put into these things. Most of which were weeded over for decades of no use to anyone.

I came across some video on YouTube. It shows an old wrecking engine and cars on the old Ironton RR tracks where a portion of the current biking/walking trail runs through Whitehall, Pa.

It was uploaded by John Pechulis (from Sugar Notch, Pa.) on March 2, 2011.

The Information Says..
This is a preview from Railfanning With The Bednars Volume 3.

Direct digital transfer, editing and production by John Pechulis Media. This production is available on DVD.

Contact: for more details.

DVD Summary:
The third volume from the Bednar collection taken from Easton, PA to the Southern Tier of NY, Enola, Reading and Rutherford in the late 60's/early 70's. . Footage includes many scenes of fallen flag railroading action. Subject railroads include: Lehigh Valley, Reading, Central RR of NJ, D&H, Penn Central.

Digitized and edited from super 8mm film by John Pechulis Media.

Color: approximately 55 minutes total run time. Synchronized sounds, background music and narration by Mike Bednar.

The Official Ironton RR Rail Trail Website

More Trail Info

RIGHT click on picture for full size image

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