Monday, February 11, 2013

Immigration: Yesterday-Today

It seems no matter what we are taught, history is constantly being rewritten.

We've been told in history class how the "lady in NY harbor" stood as a welcoming beacon for the poor, tired, hungry and those oppressed in their home country. We are told of how these were embraced by Americans when they arrived on our shores. We are lead to believe God blessed this country because of our high ideals and values for all humanity.

Overlooking and disregarding the American Indian and the African slaves thing for the moment... According to an Associated Press article published on August 16, 210: "A Mass grave in Pa., unearthed bones that show the murder of Irish immigrant rail workers.

57 Irish immigrants began grueling work in the summer of 1832 on the Philadelphia and Columbia railroad. Within weeks, all were dead of cholera.

Or were they murdered?"
I already understood how well the railroad building to the West worked out for black slaves and the Asians, but now we apparently have this thing right in our own backyard.

Many of us already knew the Irish didn't make out too well in the coal mines. It now appears, laboring to build the railroads wasn't a hoot either!
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I already knew the Italians and the Jewish didn't make out so hot when they got off the boat either.

Say.. who the hell do we like!

What's the point of all this?
History is supposed to teach us something.

By reviewing what has gone before, we should be able to deal with today's problems more effectively. This concerning both how we treat people and those peoples who provide their labors to this country.

We should be able to build our nation on a stronger more solid foundation. Become a nation more compassionate. More united, stronger. To evolve as a race of human beings, who you would think be, steeped in knowledge acquired by failed transgressions from earlier periods in our American history.

Now here we are in 2013 holding the same animosity against Muslims, Mexicans and other Hispanics as we once did with the Irish, Jews & Italians. Satirically speaking, it's nice to see America's made so much progress.

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