Thursday, February 7, 2013

Facebook's Future App A Tool For Stalking?

The founder of 'Facebook', Mark Zunckerberg, told a San Francisco audience on January 8, 2010 "The age of privacy is over."

In a rather self fulfilling prophecy "Facebook is developing app that will track your every move – even when it’s turned off. The App is intended to alert users when Facebook 'friends' are nearby."

On TV cop shows we watch how the detectives locate the bad guy by tracking them down wherever they go via the cell phones. It's more fiction the reality. If this app goes into service it will move that scenario into the realm of utter reality. That's good, right?

Flip that around. This app will also make it possible for a bad guy to track down someone as well. That's not good!

This tool could be used by bill collectors, ex-husbands, ex-boy friends, employers, pedophiles and God knows who else.

Adam Levin, Founder, and former director NJ Division of Consumer Affairs, offers "7 Ways to Avoid Identity Theft Before Facebook Gets Hacked ."

I'd recommend his 7th suggestion...
     Deactivate your account.. "You can't get hacked if you don't have an account."

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