Saturday, February 9, 2013

Bike Ride: Jim Thorpe, Pa.

Someone posted this video that follows the old Switch Back Trail from Mauch Chunk Lake to Mt Pisgah Jim Thorpe.

LIVE & LEARN: I have another goofus story to tell.

When the wife and I rode this a few years back, her rear wheel's chain sprocket came off the bike miles into the ride. All the loose ball bearings fell out and her chain fell off. There we were picking through leaves and using mud to repack the loose ball bearings back in and then hand tightening the rear bearing container on the wheel.

Since then I've learned to carry spare ball bearings and the proper tool to repair the screw on specially designed container nut. Chalk another one up to another bad experience due to misfortune.

Now I carry a bicycle saddle pack with toilet paper, pepper spray, cellphone, spare chain link + the chain repair tool, first aid supplies and fix-a-flat to name a few of the essential items. :-)

If you've never been up there, it's a fantastic place to bike, hike or take a train ride.

May 2010
(Video courtesy JimThorpePa)

The Lehigh Gorge lies on 4,548 acres of park land and follows the Lehigh River from Francis E. Walter Dam in the north to Jim Thorpe in the south.

The Lehigh Gorge Trail follows over 20 miles of abandoned railroad grade along the river.


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