Thursday, February 14, 2013

Animation.. It Is Not As Easy As It Looks!

I made that animation a couple of years ago and all I can say It's NOT As Easy As It Looks!

This little 4:19 minute cartoon took me over two months to make!

I have a very fast computer. It has a Quad Core 2,300MHz 64 bit processor with 8 GB's of RAM memory. Yet sometimes it would take up to 20 hours just to crunch out less then 1 minute of animated video. 3D is very math intensive. Plus I used shadows and reflections which are very complex to animate. Even before I began the processing, each minute of video would take me dozens of hours to prepare.

Thankfully my software ("Animation Master") provided the raw physical characters. Something that to create from scratch would be beyond my skill level. Characters require tons of plot points as to where they bend or where the skin ends, begins and their facial and body shapes etc.

There's nothing like appreciating how hard something is till you try it yourself. I became interested in animation after watching "Shrek" (2001). Now I understand why it took 30+ animators... HEY I'M ONLY ONE GUY!

From what I understand when they worked on "Shrek", at the end of the day they used every desktop in the office + the high speed main server just so they'd have some freakin' footage to work with in the morning. Yeah I could understand that!

I don't think people appreciate the level of expertise in others unless they take a run at it for themselves. I just had to give it a try. In doing so, I add yet another item to my list of appreciation of others and their abilities.
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Here's a little bit of an idea how "Animation Master"
works from some fella on YouTube.
Requires lot's of patience.. lot's of persistence

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