Thursday, February 14, 2013

8 VIDEOS Of Some Amazing Mechanical Music Players

A Western Electric A-Roll Piano
(Yes once upon a time Western Electric made..)

Video Info Says.. This Piano was manufactured in Chicago in 1924 and delivered to Herb's Bar, in Portage, Wisconsin on 10/16/1924. It remained there, in operation, till at least July, 1961. It was maintained during that period by Bill Lucassen.

It took nickels and played A-Rolls. The Rolls usually had 8 to 10 songs. The customer had no choice of which song it played, as it went through the roll song-by-song and then re-wound back to number 1. The Rolls were changed every few months by a "Route" man, who either sold the new Roll to the owner, or took a share of the coins.

These two tunes were "Carolina Shout" and "Rattlesnake Rag", as arranged and played by the late John Farrell.

* * *

Ramey Banjo Orchestra.. Playing Orange Blossom Special, Automatic player banjo accompanied by piano and seven percussion instruments. Operated by paper roll and vacuum power. Replica of original Encore Banjo Orchestra (no complete original instrument is known to exist). Roll by Art Reblitz

Hupfeld Phonoliszt Violina

Seeburg Style H Orchestrion plays "Barney Google"

The Aeolian Player Pipe Organ Plays "The Nutcracker Suite"

The above organ belongs to Bob, a pilot for TWA until 2000
when it was acquired by American Airlines in 2001.

Ken Caulkins'-
All the hardware was invented by him and his staff at Ragtime West in Calif.
They Manufacture & Sell These

The BailaMaria2 Orchestrion "Star Trek"

A Mortier Decap 105

A Traditional Band Organ
(The kind of mechanical music machine most are familiar with)
The 59 Key Gebr Wellershaus Bros. Band Organ

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