Thursday, January 31, 2013

Us Old Kids Remember...

Reposted From: July 22, 2009

*Rotary dial 12 channel televisions with no remote control. Parents made the kids 'the remote control'. They adjusted the horizontal roll knob every 5 minutes too!

*Only shopping during the day, Monday to Saturday

*Texting our friends via mail, the handwritten kind

*Mechanical typewriters (w/ white correction ribbons). Don't punch the 'o' so hard, it makes holes in the paper.

*One phone per house with real bells in them with short cords (parents put them in living room so they could listen to you)

*Actually having to remember someone’s phone number

*65 cent 45 rpm singles (you had to actually had to plug in a player to listen to them- broken needles)

*PF Flyers (Posture Foundation- They were first produced by BF Goodrich in 1937- you can still buy them)

*Returnable bottles (what I refer to as actually recycling)

*Non power assisted drum brakes on all 4 wheels (try braking after going through a puddle)

*Vacuum Wipers (worked really good at the stop light when you weren't accelerating)

*Calculator (pencil & paper)

*Slide Rule? What's that? (an improvement over the pencil & paper calculator)

*A full 1/2 gallon of ice cream

*Fast Food (Chef Boyardee in a can)

* Feel free to add your own to the list..


  1. - Putting my tape recorder up to the speaker and taping Dr. Dimento.

    - Waiting for The Love Boat, followed by Fantasy Island, as THE EVENT of Friday night.

    - Eagerly searching TV Guide for news about my favorite perfomers, and planting my ass down in front of the TV when they were on!

    - Being able to ride my bike at age 6 for MILES without my mom freaking out.

    - Playing Space Invaders on my Atari - that was sooooo awesome.

    - Walking down to the supermarket to buy the new Styx ablum.

    Wow, those were the days!!!

  2. i had an uncle in the jukebox and pinball business, arlen vending company. my cousins and I would get the older records when they put new ones in the machines, 45's.

  3. I used to go over to Paula Vending Co on Emmaus Ave. to buy my 45's. They usually had them 7 for $1.

    Sometimes more/sometimes less.


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