Wednesday, January 30, 2013

No Need For College

Reposted From: August 5, 2010

James Altucher writes on Daily Finance:
"Seven Reasons Not To Send Your Kids To College"

A couple things he didn't mention:
Students will have 4 or 5 working years less in lifetime earnings while they are attending school.

'Return On Investment': Some courses that cost $100,000 upwards for degrees in certain professions will likely see less then $40,000 a year in earnings. Many trade schools offer a much higher R.O.I.
Times are tough to get the money together for many wanting to attend collge. Therefore I Submit For your consideration..

Here are a few of my non college career
suggestions that offer a good R.O.I.

Lehigh Career & Technical Institute
(Video Uploaded: November 2009)

MTI is the only school in the nation to offer a
two-year Associate degree Satellite Communications

West Side Technical Institute CNC Machine Tool Training (Chicago)

(Aug 4, 2010) Then there's this.. :-)

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