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Concert Lasers Dangers

Reposted From: December 19, 2011

The era was the 70's.
The location was the Spectrum in Philadelphia.
The Concert was "Blue Oyster Cult".

They used their own homemade industrial strength lasers before any one ever dreamt of regulations. It was one of the most fantastic innovative concerts ever!

They used quad speakers in the back and 3 lasers on 5 mirror balls. When they twirled the lasers on the mirror balls. it looked like 1,000's of swords coming at you. When they held the lasers on the mirror balls, 1,000's of beams spiked across the upper levels where we sat in the weed clouded second level.In those days you needn't buy weed. Just buy tickets to the second level at the Spectrum and you were guaranteed to end up getting high. :-)The drummer wore a reflective skull cap that when the laser beams focused on him made him look like he was emanating the light of the Gods.

However I had the unfortunate experience of having those beams criss-crossed into my retina. When they did that, they appeared orangish in color. I, at that point kind of suspected just how damaging these powerful lasers might be and avoided them.

In fact the FAA shut down "Blue Oyster Cult's" use of their laser in outdoor shows after they blinded pilots coming in for a landing nearby. Moving forward. It turns out back in September (2011) Blink-182's Mark Hoppus incurred retina damage by his own show's lasers.

So my advice to someone going to a concert where they are in use is to be very careful. I would have thought the pros would have had this thing under control now that it's regulated by the FDA. (A Class B Mobile Laser Operator's License is required)

Read More about the Blick-182 situation HERE

Here's an example of how I feel they are being misused..
(not Blink 182)

These beams were shot out too low. Each time you see one of the beams broken by someone's head in the audience, they are at risk to having their retinas burned.

Unless you trust some ill trained "roadie" to perform lasik eye surgery.. best beware. It's permanent damage that cannot be undone!



  1. You have no idea what you are talking about. Do you even go to raves? Crowd scanning with lasers is the best visual effect that can be produced at a rave. The lasers usually pass by fast enough you couldn't receive eye damage, and if they are to slow you can just look away or move so it isn't straight in your eye. Take responsibility for yourself!

    1. "Do you even go to raves?"
      Who the hell was talking about raves?

      Maybe lasers can affect one's comprehension skills as well


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