Friday, January 25, 2013

Can You Pay With A $1M Dollar Bill?

Reposted From: January 3, 2012

Yeah like that's going to work. First of all there is no such thing as a $1m dollar bill. In smaller stores anything larger then a $20 bill can be a problem.

In case any other bubble head gets a bright idea,
it is said if you use "Photoshop" software this will come up..

I've read a few years back, on some printers, a U.S. Treasury Warning would be printed instead. It was even rumored that some printers that are connected to the internet notify the U.S. Treasury Department with your IP address. It's said the program to do this is burned into the printer's firmware. This may be or may not be, but do you want to test out this speculative theory?

A few years back, when I was still working, I printed out a very realistic $10,000 bill. Except for the obvious picture I used. That of Donald Trump. When I tacked it on the bulletin board in our meeting room. it looked almost real till you got up close. Few coming into the room bothered, up until then, to read the messages on the bulletin board. But they all walked up to see the $10,000 bill. Yeah, like somebody's going to post even a lousy $1 bill and expect it to be there 10 minutes later.

I enjoyed the results of my little human behavior prank study. The way I figure it, the unconscious mind is ever aware of our surroundings even if we consciously are not paying attention. It seems there's nothing like a little "what's in it for me" to get someone's attention.

I heard plastic pastries on the meeting table works great too.

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