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Bottle Versus Tap Water

Reposted From: July 30, 2010

In light of the recent discussions centering on the water quality coming into Allentown, especially the Little Lehigh Creek, here are some issues I've been strongly advocating for some time including how to get rid of using plastic bottled water.

At the bottom of this post I link to 'reverse osmosis" devices as my prime choice because it removes chlorine and the fluorides that municipal water suppliers put in the water. Chlorine does serve a purpose to keep the water sanitized till it reaches your home. However once it arrives to your tap there is a downside to drinking this chemical. It certainly has no health value, that's for sure. Something else few think about... reverse osmosis units nearly eliminate traces of radioactive elements that could be in drinking water.

"Tapped" (the trailer)

Video Courtesy tappedfilm

"Katie Couric discusses whether bottled water is healthier than tap water and also the bottled water regulations with "Tapped" producer and director Stephanie Soechtig and Joe Doss of the International Bottled Water Association." At issue is bottled water even regulated by the FDA?

Video Courtesy CBSNewsOnline

Are Plastic Bottles Dangerous?

Video Courtesy CBS

Even Your Tap Water May Not Be 100% Safe Either!

Video Courtesy tappedfilm

Buy a water filter and refill a stainless thermos repeatedly over and over again. It sure keeps it a lot cooler then a plastic bottle and over time a lot cheaper too!

Here are a bunch of great sources for clean "reverse osmosis" devices that could even make urine into drinkable water.

Video Courtesy Gregory Adams

People bitch what can they do? It's a shame when the answer is so simple and everyone can do it, yet many make the choice not to. I enjoy drinking cool water out of a stainless thermos rather then a warm chemical leached plastic bottle, but hey people want to insist otherwise, what can I say?

Besides why waste energy to recycle plastic in the 1st place when there are really cheap and simple alternatives?

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